Energy Strategy: The Road Not Taken?


Swedish translation / på svenska: Lovins, Amory. "Mjuk energi: vägen till varaktig fred".  Askild & Kärnekull: Jordens vänner. 1977. 283 sidor. ISBN 9170088675.

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Lovins Amory . 1976. Energy Strategy: The Road Not Taken?. Reprinted from Foreign Affairs, October 1976 in Friends of the Earth’s Not Man Apart November 1977.The Not Man Apart special reprint includes “The Most Important Issue We've Ever Published” by David R. Brower, President, Friends of the Earth Foundation; and the 1977 article “Cross-Pollinating the Energy Grapevine—The New York Times Looks at Lovins - ‘Soft’ Energy, Hard Choices” by Anthony J. Parisi.

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