Lagacy of the Nuclear Age - Photo Exhibition by Robert Del Tredici, April 2007

Captions by Robert Del Tredici and Gordon Edwards


A1. Model of the Uranium Atom
A2. Monument to the Splitting of the Atom
A3. Nuclear Arms
A4. John Hopkins
A5. Test "Stopp" in Kazakhstan

B1. The Face of a CANDU Under Construction
B2. Empty Spent Fuel Pool
B3. Dry Storage
B4. Irretrievable Nuclear Waste Disposal Test Shaft
B5. The "Becquerel Reindeer"

C1. Abandoned Uranium Ore Sacks
C2. Uranium Shovel
C3. Open-pit Uranium Mine
C4. Inside the Key Lake Mill
C5. The Stanrock Tailings Wall

D1. Jeannette and Bernard Bennally
D2. State-of-the-Art Long-Range Alpha Radiation Detector
D3. Government Warning, 1931a
D4. Government Warning, 1931b
D5. Particle of Plutonium in Lung Tissue
D6. Karl Z. Morgan, Father of Health Physics

E1. The World's First Plutonium Factory
E2. The “T” Plant Reprocessing Canyon
E3. Glove Box for Handling Plutonium
E4. Infinity Room
E5. Model of a Modern H-bomb

F1. Gaseous Diffusion Enrichment Plant
F2. Depleted Uranium
F3. Ashtabula Uranium Metal Extrusion Press
F4. Crates of Depleted Uranium Mark 31 Target Element Cores
F5. The Head of the K Reactor
F6. Calibration Sphere

G1. Still-life: Man with Boxes
G2. This Engineered Trench for Low-level Waste
G3. New Underground Vault for Storing Low-level Radioactive Waste
G4. Owl with Drums
G5. Pit Nine
G6. Rotten Drums

H1. Below Ground Waste Disposal Silos
H2. Radioactive Spun-Aluminum Discs
H3. RCRA Cap
H4. Tuba City Disposal Cell
H5. Barnwell Tombstones

J1. Submarine Reactor Burials
J2. Inside the Submarine Reactor Burial Trench
J3. Nuclear-Powered Jet Airplane Engines
J4. Drums of Transuranic Waste
J5. WIPP Underground Vault
J6. Emergency Exhaust Airway at WIPP

K1. Industrial Safety Sign, Hanford Plutonium Finishing Plant
K2. John Smitherman, Atomic Veteran
K3. Irma Thomas, resident of St. George, Utah
K4. Bjarnie Paulson
K5. Dr. Alice Stewart

L1. The Amount of Plutonium in the Nagasaki Bomb
L2. The Windscale Works, Back View
L3. New High-level Waste Tanks Under Construction
L4. Maids of Muslyumovo
L5. All the Warheads in the U.S. Nuclear Arsenal
L6. Theodore B. Taylor