Miljökonsekvensbedömningar som rättsligt verktyg för hållbar utveckling

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Hörnberg Lindgren, Christina. Miljökonsekvensbedömningar som rättsligt verktyg för hållbar
utveckling. Environmental impact assessment as a legal tool for sustainable development. Skrifter från
juridiska institutionen vid Umeå Universitet. Doctoral dissertation. Swedish text with summary in
English. ISBN 91-975348-2-X.

The aim of this thesis is to analyse the legal notion of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) in
order to provide, on a scientific basis, increased understanding and knowledge of the different
components of this legal notion and each component’s importance for the whole. The objective is to
specify what EIA is at present and what it is intended to be. This thesis analyses the legal tool, shows
what the rules are in a few selected countries and goes on to discuss how it could be developed in
order best to fulfil its function of promoting sustainable development. The question asked throughout
this thesis is how the EIA rules should be designed in terms of their content and construction in order
to function as a legal tool to promote sustainable development.

Key words: environmental impact assessment, criteria, principles, sustainable development,
environmental law.

Christina Hörnberg Lindgren, Department of legal Science, Umeå University, S-901 87 Umeå,

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